deep learning for computer vision with python notes


7 knn

  • no paramter, with training data as model
  • test not fast

    no learn anything

8 parameterized learning

  • with parameters W,b as model
  • test very fast

    learn parameters

multi-class svm loss/hinge loss

svm with hinge loss

hinge loss

  • hinge loss
  • squared hinge loss

hinge loss example

L1 = 0, correct predict
L2 = 5.96, incorrect predict
L3 = 5.20, incorrect predict

cross-entropy loss and softmax classifiers

Softmax classifiers give you probabilities for each class label while hinge loss gives you the

cross-entropy loss example

9 optimization

GD and SGD

  • basic gradient descent(GD): predict all training data and update weights per epoch
  • stochastic gradient descent(SGD): predict only batch training data and update weights per batch


Extensions to SGD

  • Momentum based SGD
  • Nesterov acceration SGD

Momentum based SGD
Nesterov acceration SGD

tips: use Momentum based SGD


add to original cost

  • L1 regularization
  • L2 regularization(weight decay)
  • Elastic Net regularization


during training process

  • dropout
  • data argumentation
  • early stopping(no-imporovements-in-N)



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