how to install and use resty command line client for interacting with rest services



You have curl, right? Okay.

curl -L > resty

Source the script before using it.

. resty

Once resty is installed, set your REST host to which you will be making your requests.


And now you can Make some HTTP requests.

$ GET /blogs.json
[ {"id" : 1, "title" : "first post", "body" : "This is the first post"}, ... ]

$ PUT /blogs/2.json '{"id" : 2, "title" : "updated post", "body" : "This is the new."}'
{"id" : 2, "title" : "updated post", "body" : "This is the new."}

$ DELETE /blogs/2

$ POST /blogs.json '{"title" : "new post", "body" : "This is the new new."}'
{"id" : 204, "title" : "new post", "body" : "This is the new new."}


source resty [-W] [remote] [OPTIONS]    # load functions into shell
  resty [-v]                              # prints current request URI base
  resty <remote> [OPTIONS]                # sets the base request URI

  HEAD [path] [OPTIONS]                   # HEAD request
  OPTIONS [path] [OPTIONS]                # OPTIONS request
  GET [path] [OPTIONS]                    # GET request
  DELETE [path] [OPTIONS]                 # DELETE request
  PUT [path] [data] [OPTIONS]             # PUT request
  PATCH [path] [data] [OPTIONS]           # PATCH request
  POST [path] [data] [OPTIONS]            # POST request
  TRACE [path] [OPTIONS]                  # TRACE request


  -Q            Don't URL encode the path.
  -q <query>    Send query string with the path. A '?' is prepended to
                <query> and concatenated onto the <path>.
  -W            Don't write to history file (only when sourcing script).
  -V            Edit the input data interactively in 'vi'. (PUT, PATCH,
                and POST requests only, with data piped to stdin.)
  -Z            Raw output. This disables any processing of HTML in the
  -v            Verbose output. When used with the resty command itself
                this prints the saved curl options along with the current
                URI base. Otherwise this is passed to curl for verbose
                curl output.
  --dry-run     Just output the curl command.
  <curl opt>    Any curl options will be passed down to curl.

Other Tools


Postman is a collaboration platform for API development. Postman’s features simplify each step of building an API and streamline collaboration so you can create better APIs—faster

download Postman-linux-x64-7.10.0.tar.gz from here

tar xzvf Postman-linux-x64-7.10.0.tar.gz
cd Postman

now we can create free account and play with postman.

chrome developer tools



A simple HTTP Request & Response Service.

see httpbin



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